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5 Tips to Valentine's Day Marketing [GUIDE]

Topics: Social Media, Marketing


It's Time for Valentine's Day Marketing

Don't Miss Out On the $18.6 Billion Spent on Valentine's Day. 

Get some action this Valentine’s Day. Capture consumers' attention with these five hot marketing tips:

1. Segment your customers by gender.

Ever noticed that men and women usually have slightly different attitudes towards Valentine’s Day? Making sure you’re appealing best to each of your subscribers is a secret to winning Valentine’s Day Marketing.

If you already have data on which of your subscribers are men or women, you are in great shape to deliver targeted holiday messaging. [If you pull data from Facebook you likely have access to this]

If not, it’s simple to find this out. Run an email campaign designed with 2 different CTA buttons: Gifts for Her & Gifts for Him. By tracking which of your subscribers clicked on which, you’ll have solid data about what segments you should put your subscribers into.


2. Create subject lines to go wild over.

Stand out in cluttered inboxes by using a heart symbol (❤).

Appeal to the holiday with words like “gift”, “perfect”, “special”, & “only”.

Create a sense of urgency to boost open rates, using expressions like “expires”, “ends soon”, “only” and “left.”

3. Capitalize on last-minute gift buying.

It’s more common than not to be caught at the last-minute struggling to find a gift for that significant other. Poke at this anxiety to really get your customers motivated. Tease offers for discounted expedited shipping or exclusive offers in the day or two preceding the holiday.

4. Start a conversation on social media.

Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays with the most social media traffic.

Create an awesome digital Valentine that your followers can send to their special someone.

Jump on to popular Valentine’s Day hashtags. My favorite is #rejectedcandyhearts.

You can also get engagement super easily by posting a status update or tweet as a promotion. Post something like this:
"Finish this: The best love song ever written is ____________. Post the title of your favorite love song to be entered to win a prize for you and your Valentine."


5. Don’t forget the singles!

Not everyone is in a relationship ~ it may even be a sore subject. Consider that a large majority of those celebrating on the 14th, 39%, will be celebrating Anti-Valentine's Day. Using this alternative approach could be a great way to catch the eyes of your subscribers.

Are you prepared for this Valentine's Day?
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