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[TIPS] Increase CTRs On Your App Install Ads

Topics: Marketing

Want to improve the effectiveness your Facebook mobile app install ads?

By the end of this post, you'll learn one trick that every great marketer uses to improve the click through rate & conversion of their Facebook mobile app install ads.

There's no doubt that App Install Ads are the future for companies looking to grow. I've been running mobile app install ads for many years and I've found them to be extremely powerful. Facebook is currently the clear leader and is making strong moves to extend their reach by creating their audience network. But how do you develop an effective ad that attracts the customer? 

What do all these Facebook ads have in common?

Images of people using your app are a simple yet effective way to attract the attention of your potential customers.



How to Create Your Customized App Mockup Facebook Ad

  1. Buy an onbrand stock photo of someone using an iPhone (Source: Twenty20).


  2. Use Photoshop to layer a screenshot showing the features of your app onto the stock photo.

  3. Customize with your logo or other text, and upload your creative.



Where to find photos?

Standard stock photography websites can often provide these photos, however, they can feel overly staged and can be very expensive. I've had a lot of success using Twenty20 - get inspiration from their collection for iPhones taking photos.



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