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The Big Shift in Stock Photos

Topics: Social Media, Marketing


The era of staged stock photos is over.

Consumers want to see real-world images that look authentic and convincing. 

Stock photos have been around for a long time. And for good reason: it's really expensive to hire photographers, find locations and models, and stage custom photo shoots. But if you've looked around the internet lately, you've probably noticed stock photos are starting to look a lot different than they used to. What's behind this change?

It has everything to do with the fact that people are more obsessed with taking photos than ever.

In fact, the number of photos taken in the next 3 years will equal the number of photos taken in all of human history up to mid-2011.


This huge shift means that people are encountering authentic, real-world photos on 
their devices every day. And when they see a staged stock photo, it stands out...in the wrong way.

Check out our new whitepaper to see why today's audience gets turned off by "traditional" stock images, and how you need to respond.

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