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Save The Internet— Don't Break It With Bad Stock Photos [Infographic]

Topics: Design, Culture

We’ve become a visually-obsessed culture where one photo of a celebrity's bare bum— or President Obama’s tan suit— can ‘break the Internet.’ Photographs are an incredibly powerful tool online.

While many images are uploaded by Internet users, more than half are from marketers. This percentage is increasing as more companies invest in content marketing. In order to succeed with those channels, billions of blog posts, slideshows, infographics, and social media posts will be published in the next few years.

This is exciting for media consumers, but we're facing one big problem: marketers still use bad stock photos. The ones that neglect diversity, support false stereotypes, and are just plain bad for the human eye. These photos are polluting the Internet, and the cyber world can't afford more media content that negatively influence the way people think.

This is why we’re asking marketers to join us and #SaveTheInternet. Together we need to take a strong stance, and stop using bad stock photos. We need to be more mindful about the images we're publishing online. Collectively, marketers can make the world a better place by using real and authentic photos. It's that simple.

The future of the Internet depends on you. 





Are you ready to stop using bad stock photos and #SaveTheInternet with us? 

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