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Marketers, Stop Poking Me. Change Your Marketing Strategies.

Topics: Social Media, Marketing

Today's marketing strategy should pull, not push.

"The most untrue statement of all is still circulating…people are sheep and will buy based on whatever you say" - Gary Vaynerchuk  

The latest trends in marketing are proving that the consumer has more power than ever before and can't be pushed into your product. You need to pull them in. Here's how: 

#AskGaryVee is definitely onto it in his recent article. Push marketing doesn't work with today's consumers, and its time that marketing strategies paid closer attention to what the consumers want so that marketers can really win at pull marketing. Check out the slideshare for tips on how to craft your online marketing strategies and social media marketing strategy.


If you're looking for actionable steps today to check out the Social Media Calendar to get tips on what relevant posts to create each week and enroll in the Social Marketing Bootcamp for 14 days of rapid instruction from social marketing experts.



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