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Ultimate Guide to Instagram Advertising

Topics: Social Media, Marketing

Instagram just announced it's ad platform's public rollout.

This is a massive opportunity for marketers to explore a new channel.

With the announcement on June 2nd, 2015, marketers everywhere are chomping at the bit to get there hands on the brand new Instagram advertising platform. Instagram ads have proven to perform very well for direct response advertisers in 450 beta tests. New ad formats and targeting options will be very powerful for marketing on mobile. Learn how to create great ads for Instagram. Using authentic user generated content will help you not feel like fake, spammy ads in users feeds. Engaging, authentic stock photos from Twenty20 are legally vetted and easy to use. [Slideshare]


Mobile marketing is increasing in importance rapidly, advertising on Instagram is shaping up to an important new way for advertisers to reach millennial consumers in their smartphone marketing.

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