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How this Agency Scaled Content Creation and Saved $10,000

Topics: Social Media, Marketing, Design


Have you heard the phrase “you’ve got to spend money to make money”?

In the case of Project Bionic, a top Seattle based social media agency, being smart about where they spent money helped them save $10,000.

Since the digital revolution, communication channels have evolved exponentially. As an agency of experts helping brands connect to their customers, Project Bionic is helping companies be relevant in the social media era. 




As more clients signed on to benefit from their expertise, Project Bionic struggled to scale their existing process. Knowing that their audiences engaged in certain social channels, Project Bionic went directly to the source to capture their attention. Seeing the types of content created by their customers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, they went on the search for mimicking the natural, authentic feel of these real conversations. They found it in Google Images and social feeds. However, these sources were time consuming to search through and unreliable for legal attribution.



Saving their designer time:

By using Twenty20, Project Bionic has found hundreds of photos per month for their clients quickly. By not having their designer go out and take photos, they have freed up a lot of his time. Instead, he’s now working on bigger creative projects that move the agency forward. 

Project Bionic saved time and money with Twenty20

Legally sound (piece of mind):

In the past, Project Bionic has used photos found on social media and google images. They would worry about doing proper attribution and navigating the legally murky world of unlicensed imagery. Twenty20 has entirely replaced this. They now have peace of mind.




Keeping important clients:

To acquire and retain clients, Project Bionic has to produce engaging, original content consistently. Twenty20 has become an extension of their team by helping them find photos faster and significantly raise the quality of their posts.


“We can now do better work, faster. Twenty20 has helped us keep important clients.”


Oscar Dahl
Creative Director, Project Bionic


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