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How to Measure Your Social Media ROI

Topics: Social Media, Marketing, Design

Finally, A Way To Measure Social Media ROI.

Does your team spend hours on social media and have no idea if it's successul? Are you clients constantly clamoring for specific results? In this article, I'll share tools & tips to measure your Social Media ROI.


We all know that there is value in social media, but we all struggle to report on it. Adobe released a white paper saying that 88% of the 750 surveyed marketing professionals didn't feel that they could accurately measure the effectiveness of their social media campaigns & 52% said that dealing with social media ROI was their biggest frustration. [1]

Brands that have embraced social like Red Bull, Starbucks, and GoPro have catapulted upward & seen massive growth. Social media allows a direct line of communication between your brand & your customers. Their posts are being shared & distributed by their loyal customers. So how do brands like these justify the value of their work?

Introducing, the Social Media ROI Calculator:


Take all of the statistics you've been staring at and accurately find out your return on investment for social media.

To do this, we'll use Social Equivalent Advertising Value (SEAV) - a very methodical approach to compare how much it would have cost you to buy the same amount of traffic that you're receiving from organic social media. You can read the details on our Social Media ROI methology here.

To calculate your Social Media ROI, you'll need: 

1. The costs of people doing social media.

2. Your company's basic data:

  • LTV value of each customer (Example: on average, each of our users is worth $15)
  • Conversion Rate (Example: from 1000 visits, 43 will become a user
3. Your Social Media data:
  • Facebook Page Analytics 
  • Twitter Page Analytics
  • Youtube Views
  • Blog Views 

Don't wait any longer. Calculate your Social Media ROI today: 




Screen_Shot_2015-02-09_at_5.44.34_PM calculator-mockup

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