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How To Grow Your Twitter Followers [SLIDESHARE]

Topics: Social Media, Marketing

Do you want to grow this year?

Companies in 2015 will grow on platforms like Twitter. 

Stay ahead of the curve.

Grow your Twitter followers this year & impress your boss.

Twitter is the future of BRAND to Screen_Shot_2015-01-19_at_2.57.06_PMCUSTOMER interaction, particularly on mobile.

  • 500 million tweets everyday

  • 49% of users follow brands

  • 80% of users are on mobile

But in 2015 it's time to go beyond hashtags to drive engagement, social media marketers will need to focus on the following three factors to grow on Twitter:

1. Use native images in advertising

  • Twitter just their ad units in 2014 - now you can:

    • Leverage robust tracking and reporting to deliver ads based on keywords, interests, & tailored audiences
    • Create engaging ads using bold creatives, great CTAs & natural images across web & mobile

    Get in early. Twitter’s ad ecosystem is much less cluttered ~ meaning fewer advertisers bidding on your audience. Twitter has only 11% of the advertising quantity of Facebook.

2. Engage with customers

  • It's essential to communicate directly with your followers (your customers)

  • Retweet valuable content that influencers & your followers post

  • Respond to your @ mentions to create an engaged conversation

  • When your followers call you out, it’s a huge opportunity to show you care & drive long term engagement

  • Follow to build two-way relationships: 85% of Twitter users say they feel more connected to businesses after following them (Source: Twitter)

3. Tweet great content

  • More tweets = more followers, but...

  • The top reasons to be unfollowed are tweeting TOO OFTEN and/or UNINTERESTING CONTENT

  • When drafting your tweets, keep in mind the top reasons twitter users follow brands:

    • 55% because they like the brand
    • 52% for special offers and promotions
    • 51% to stay up to date with news

 Visual content is the quickest way to grab the user's attention. Use native imagery in your ads - a growing emphasis on photos defines the future of twitter. Check out Twenty20 for great photos to use in your Twitter ads.

2015 is time to go beyond the hashtag and start innovating on Twitter.


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