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The Easiest Way to Clone Your Best Customers [HACKS]

Topics: Marketing

Wouldn't you love to just clone all of your existing customers to increase revenue? You don't have to be a scientist to do this. Facebook will find the perfect new customers for you, using 'Lookalike Audiences'. 


It's simple! Read the five steps:

Step 1: Set up your custom audience

Before getting started, create a custom audience by uploading at least 100 of your best customer's email adresses. Facebook will find millions of users with similar interests & behaviors.

Click here to learn how to set this up.

Step 2: Create your Lookalike Audience in 'Power Editor'

From the left column of your Facebook Ads Manager Dashboard, you'll open up the Power Editor (Note: Only available to be used in Google Chrome). 

Once you are in Power Editor, get started with your new lookalike audience.


  • Select the Facebook custom audience that you previously created to be the source that your clones will be based on.
  • Narrow down the audience by selecting a country (to target multiple countries, you'll need to make separate lookalike audiences).

Selecting Lookalike Audience Criteria

Step 3: Select your audience size

The old rule applies in this case: quality over quantity.

While it may be tempting to create a large audience to feel like you are reaching the masses, you will just be just getting less relevant matches to your customers.

Slide the size range to the right if the smaller end of the range for your audience is not 100,000 people or larger. If it is, try to maintain as specific of an audience as possible by staying on the lower limit of the range.  


Step 4: Create your ad & track performance

Click to create your audience, and then grab a cup of coffee while Facebook finds people who are the dopplegangers of your custom audience. Once your audience has been built, you are ready to create your next ad campaign!

Just select your new Lookalike Audience in the Custom Audience dropdown to target your new clones.

To create a great Facebook ad and drive high CTR's to this audience:

  • Clearly remind them of your company's value using "you" language (ex. Impress Your Friends)
  • Have a clear call to action ("Get Started", "Buy Now", "Get 34% Off", "Try It Out")
  • Use engaging, relevant imagery that your customers are used to seeing in their News Feeds

Delivering engaging visual content to the right people is your key to success in advertising with Facebook. 


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