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Is This The Easiest Way To Boost Revenue? [HACKS]

Topics: Marketing

Wouldn't it be great to increase revenue with your existing customer base?

Great businesses know that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. Today, you can target your best customers on Facebook with the custom audience tool.

I've spent millions on Facebook ads during 2+ years at LivingSocial. I found that the best way to generate revenue is pushing offers to my best customers through Facebook's 'Custom Audience' tool. I'll show you how to step your marketing game up in minutes & impress your boss.

If you do nothing else for marketing, you should do these four steps:

Step 1: Define a concrete goal

Most people forget: the most critical step in marketing is to define a concrete goal. This is called a "falsifiable hypothesis." Here are some examples:

  • Offering 10% discount & spending $1000 on advertising will result in 150 offers will be redeemed.
  • By spending $1000 on advertising, I will generate 1000 clicks and 23% of those will convert to purchase.

Step 2: Create a list of email addresses.

Export the emails of your best customers into excel and save as a CSV.

If you don't have this in your admin system or don't know how to get it, simply ask your boss how to pull this information.


Keep in mind: the minimum number of people needed is 20 people.

Step 3: Upload your list as a 'Custom Audience'




Keep in mind: this is totally safe. Facebook uses advanced hashing to ensure only you have access to your customers (including Facebook).

Step 4: Create targeted ads

Now that you can target a specific group, it's time to create engaging ads to drive conversions. Make sure your ads do the following: 

  • Clearly remind them of your company's value using "you" language (ex. Impress Your Friends)
  • Have a clear call to action ("Get Started", "Buy Now", "Get 34% Off", "Try it out")
  • Use engaging imagery that your customers are used to seeing in their feeds. 

Don't wait? Try it & let me know the results!



Wouldn't you love to clone all of the customers you just created 100x? Use this cusom audience to create a lookalike audience. Click here to learn how to get new customers that are similar to your best.


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