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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Mobile App Install Ads [TIPS]

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In 2015, marketers will continue to see massive gains from mobile app install ads, as they have proved to be a cost effective channel for paid user acquisition.

I've seen first-hand how companies have generated hundreds of thousands of installs overnight. Mobile app install ads need to be a part of your company's marketing budget.


There are three major reasons that you need to be advertising with Mobile App Install Ads:

1. Your customers are spending all their time on their smart phone. 

Mobile is definitively the place where the consumers of today and the consumers of tomorrow spend their time. Meeting consumers where they're at, with mobile app experiences, is a huge advantage for any brand in this age.


  • The most recent Ericsson Mobility Report makes a huge prediction: 90% of people worldwide aged six years and over will have mobile phones by 2020
  • In early 2014, the digital landscape saw a massive shift. People now spend more time on the internet via mobile than on desktop computers. Most of this usage is through mobile apps which best optimize the user experience on mobile for accessing internet content.
  • Mobile apps account for over half of all time spent with digital media. For millenials, almost two-thirds of internet time is spent on mobile..

2. Social Ads Perform Better


Social Media users are consistently becoming more engaged with native advertisements, demonstrated by an average year-over-year 148% increase in CTR in Q3 2014.

The ads with the best performance are those that feel the most relevant to the viewer. This is partially a result of deep targeting that delivers ads to the ideal viewer, but the biggest key to increased CTR is engaging content that feels natural in the viewer's News Feed and elegantly catches the viewer's attention (For tips on this, check out our post on the one trick every graet marketer uses for mobile app install ads). 

For example, check out this ad from Hotel Tonight:


The photo used in the creative feels like it's a snapshot that your friend just shared to your feed. It's Instagram-like quality fits in perfectly with Hotel Tonight's millenial target consumer's News Feed and acheived a CTR 121% higher than average CTRs

3. Facebook is dominating, but Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. will emerge as large powerhouses.

Screen_Shot_2014-12-30_at_11.36.11_AM        Screen_Shot_2014-12-30_at_11.37.09_AM

Facebook Mobile App Install Ad units are currently powerhouse tools for businesses to deploy targeted and effective acquisition campaigns. Case studies on Hotel TonightApplauze, and other companies have shown the proven success of Facebook Mobile App Install Ads in leading to 10X improvement in CTRs and dramatically lowering costs for user acquistion

With performance historically dominated by Facebook, other social networks are starting to develop robust ad networks that will improve the diversification of ways for marketers to reach their users. Twitter's Ad platform has shown dramatic improvements lately, and advertising on Tumblr, Pinterest, & Instagram are shaping up to be huge wins in the near future (Check out our slideshare on what the future of social advertising will look like in 2015 for more on this)


Smart marketers need to seize the opportunity capitalize on these emerging tools and create awesome ads to drive mobile app installs. It's important to move fast while these units are still fairly inexpensive & drive highly engaged users.


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