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2015 Guide: Marketing Your App [SLIDESHARE]

Topics: Marketing

Like explorers moving west during the gold rush, we're always looking to discover the next frontier. To help you keep up with the fast changing digital world, I decided to share what's going to be hot in 2015.





What are the 2015 social media marketing trends we will see?

  • Emergence of new platforms
  • Mobile will continue to dominate
  • Native social photos will give you an edge

Where are the social media platforms headed?

  • Facebook has been the giant in mobile app install ads, but others will emerge as rivals

  • Twitter will offer more advanced targeting and tracking will help you to optimize ads

  • Tumblr is the fastest growing social platform; they will introduce native app install ads that are large and shareable

  • Time spent on Pinterest is 92% mobile, and they've shown 111% growth in active users in the last 6 months - promoted pins on Pinterest will be a huge opportunity

  • Snapchat is 38% bigger than Twitter, and penetration with millenials trails only Facebook and Instagram - Snapchat ads are set to be the most engaging ads of our generation

  • Instagram has 300 million MAU's, but ads on Instagram will need to feel natural

Three steps to using high-quality content to grow your app:

1. Get in early. Be the first to test and scale on these new platforms.

2. Target your exact customers. Access to new data will help you acquire high-quality users. (Find out how to clone your best customers on Facebook).

3. Use native images. Natural images that come from social media won't feel like spam in users' feeds. Check out the great images on Twenty20.



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