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2015 GUIDE: Grow Your Instagram Followers [SLIDESHARE]

Topics: Social Media, Marketing

Wouldn't it be great to grow your Instagram following in 2015? Because Instagram is emerging to be such a huge growth channel for brands, I decided to share tips on what are the best ways to grow in 2015.


Grow Your Instagram Followers



Grow your Instagram Followers:

Instagram is the most engaging social network for millenials - everyday sees 2.5 billion photos liked, 43% of brands posting 2 or more times, and 70 million photos added (Source: Instagram & L2). In 2015, Instagram has the highest potential for brands and companies to capture and retain attention, particularly with Millenials.

Three topics for growth on Instagram:

1. The secret of hashtags

  • Hashtags helps your posts get discovered, but too many hashtags will make your post unattractive

  • Ideal: 3 to 10 highly relevant and well-balanced hashtags

  • Be unique: creating a unique hashtag around your brand is a great way to engage with consumers and source content

  • Think of #hashtags like SEO, for example: if posting a photo of the beach, instead of adding #beach, add #beaches, where there is 1% of the post volume

2. Grow with influencers

  • Use the social reach of popular Instagrammers for a massive effect - top brands are working with photographers from Instagram with 100k+ followers to extend their reach

  • Repost photos from your followers that are “insta-famous”: building a friendship with instagrammers can gain reach from cross-promotion.

  • Successful brand accounts post photos that feel like they belong in context of the feed, since they are actually from users. (How do you legally use Instagram photos for your brand? Check out this post.)

  • When Sponsored Posts launch publicly in 2015, Instagram made clear: “our aim is to make any advertisements you see feel as natural to Instagram as the photos and videos you already enjoy.”

3. Stand out with native, natural images

  • Instagram is all about getting a snapshot into the life of those you follow - it has has shaped an aesthetic style that defines the millennial generation

  • Authenticity is key: a realistic photo is more impactful

Twenty20 is your source for native, natural social images. No more boring stock.

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