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How To Grow Your Facebook Followers [SLIDESHARE]

Topics: Social Media, Marketing

Wouldn't it be great to grow your Facebook following in 2015? Because Facebook changes all the time, I decided to share tips on what are the best ways to grow in 2015.

Want to learn how to grow your Facebook followers?


Screen_Shot_2015-01-14_at_4.14.40_PMRight now, Facebook has massive potential to grow your following, with:

  • 864 million active users
  • 63% of users logging in daily
  • 4.75 billion daily posts

Three key themes for growing your business on Facebook in 2015:

1. Trend with #hashtags

  • Trending with hashtags now works on mobile

  • Add popular #topics to your posts

  • Be relevant - what's happening today?

  • But don't hashtag everything!

2. Boost your posts

  • Facebook's algorithm keeps your posts from being seen by everyone, so boosting posts will increase overall engagement

  • Boosting posts to friends of people that like your page is very effective due to social proof

3. Engage with native, social photos

  • Make your posts feel like they belong in the newsfeed by using images that come from social

  • Natural images are the solution to grabing the attention of users

  • Check out the native social images on Twenty20

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