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10 Marketing Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Know

Topics: Social Media, Marketing

As social media managers, we all know it's hard to keep up with social media. Everyday, there are 200+ million tweets and 1+ billion Facebook posts. To keep up, I put together this guide of marketing tools that solve the problems you face everyday.




1. Automating Your Social Media

IFTTT connects two services together with triggers. For ex.: if you send an email, you will automatically trigger a tweet. 


Integratation include: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, Tumblr, Youtub, Email, Text Message, GPS, Gmail, Soundcloud, Buffer, Dropbox, Pocket, Cragislist, Evernote, Google Calendar, etc.

Here's our favorite IFTTT recipes to automate social media:

  • When your Facebook profile picture changes, update your Twitter profile picture (try it out!)
  • Add Tweets to a Google Spreadsheet (try it out!)
  • Post Instagram photos as Twitter photos (try it out!)
  • Add new Twitter followers to a Google spreadsheet (try it out!)
  • Welcome new members to your Facebook group (try it out!
  • Send Pinterest board posts to your Facebook Page (try it out!)
  • Share your favorite YouTube videos to Facebook (try it out!)

2. Saving Time on Social Media Posts

Spend more of your time creating & finding great content instead of doing tedious tasks. Schedule all your posts our using one of these tools: 

3. Engaging Your Followers With Better Photos


Twenty20 is the best stock photo site for social media managers. With a catalog of over 45+ million photos, Twenty20 is the largest source of real world photos sourced from social.

Twitter recently ran a study that showed tweets with images get 313% more engagement. Make sure to use authentic, natural feeling images to be truly relevant to your customers. 

Here's some collections that I recommend you start with.

4. Getting more shared tweets


  • Click To Tweet is the easiest way to promote & advertise your content on Twitter. Easily write a tweet, generate a custom link and get tracking on clicks. For example: if you love this post, tweet it out.
  • Pay With A Tweet lets you ask a person to tweet in order to receive a free download or discount.  

5. Missing Important News

Find out when you're mentioned online and when your competitors are mentioned. The two best services to do this are

6. Being a Thought Leader


Create infographics easily & fast with Picktochart. You can create reports, posters, infographics & more.

7. Designing Better


  • Canva is a simple marketing tool that allows you to easily create designs for Facebook cover photos, Facebook ads, Instagram posts, Pinterest boards, Twitter posts, email headers & more. 

8. Quickly Making Engaging Videos


  • Hangwith allows you to easily stream a video live from your phone, automatically save it to youtube & share it to Facebook & Twitter. It's useful if you're looking to promote an in-person marketing event or conference.
  • Flipagram allows you to make a slideshow of Instagram posts into a video (with music behind it). This is a great idea if you want to repurpose existing social media posts into an engaging new piece of marketing material. Here's an example that will get your creative juices flowing.

9. Following Social Media Experts


10. Finding Free Authentic Stock Photos

There are a variety of services that provide samplings of free stock photos. Free stock photos can help you move quickly for a generic concept. However, they can be pretty limited. The top services are:

  • Unsplash which provides 10 new photos every 10 days.
  • Fresh is the best source if you want themed free high resolution stock photos.


 Stay ahead of the curve with these tools. 


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